Leon Pham

Founder & President CA BRE # 01243220

Founder & President
CA BRE # 01243220

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Meet Leon Pham, Cali-Land’s founder and President since establishment in 2002. Leon has built a brand based on integrity, trust and diligence in the industry. Under his direction, Cali-Land has developed a trustworthy reputation that has gained the loyalty of their clients and associate professionals. He possesses excellent management skills as evident by supervising over 70 employees throughout his 15 plus years of ownership at Cali-Land.

Leon knew being in the mortgage industry was his calling from a young age. He had a strong desire to help people find a place they could call home. Gaining and maintaining trust with his clients is one of his most important goals. Learning about his clients and their needs is also important to him. He feels better understanding the client is the best way to assist them on their journey and give them the service they deserve.

Teamwork is essential to running smooth operations and he is a big believer in surrounding himself with dependable people who believe in creating a solid team. Leon also believes consistency and a strong work ethic are key. He also believes in supporting those around you, by uplifting your colleagues you create a positive environment that is good for business and better for clients.

Leon continues to maintain excellent working relationships with banks, vendors and other industry network professionals that will continue to allow him to serve all future clients at the highest capacity. Making sure all Cali-Land’s customers are satisfied and happy is his number one goal.