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Meet LoAn Chanda, Cali-Land’s business manager and compliance officer for over 10 years. LoAn is a hard worker who oversees the multitude of business functions behind the scenes while acting as Cali-Land’s internal compliance officer.  She is quick to assist in transactions to ensure that critical issues are addressed and the loan can move forward as quickly as possible as often as possible. Her loyalty, integrity and dedication make her a valuable part of the team and a true asset to our clients.

LoAn strives to overcome obstacles in order to make each loan transaction a successful one, and that ultimately, all parties are more than satisfied with the outcome. Her goal is to continue to make Cali-Land stronger and more successful by creating a professional atmosphere that is built on an outstanding reputation in our industry. Dependability and accountability are two keys that she is committed to showing the clients in order to gain their trust and continued business. Her favorite metric for success is a client referral.

Staying humble, eager to learn, and always there to lend a helping hand no matter the task makes LoAn Chanda a reliable manager and champion for Cali-Land. She believes in quality over quantity and admires the principles the company was founded on. Her goal is to work closely with the team in making every deal successful if possible, and to continue serving the community by producing trustworthy results.